In a continuing effort to provide our customers with the service and performance they have come to expect from Shrum Steel, Inc. over the years, we have committed ourselves to incorporate our industry's latest technology into EVERY aspect of our business.

We have dedicated ourselves to this effort, not just simply for technology's sake, but rather to be able to provide our customers with project management and performance, which is increasingly more demanding and essential.

We started from the ground up!

1. FABTROL is the industries' state of the art computer software for managing, estimating, purchasing, nesting of materials for optimum cuts for stock lengths, material shop cut lists, material load lists, and shipping lists. All the purchasing and material information is downloaded directly from our own Shop Drawings. This enables us to process information and material faster and more accurately.

2. TEKLA/X-STEEL is the worldwide leader in software for structural steel detailing. A 3D model of the structural steel building is created using X-Steel and our Engineering Department. The software then automatically details all the pieces, connections, and bills of material. This information can then be downloaded to purchasing and our computer controlled fabrication equipment.

3. PEDDINGHAUS Computer Controlled Fabrication Machinery is recognized as the leader in the industry. We utilize the Peddinghaus Drill Line and Angle Master. Downloaded directly from our computer generated shop drawings, the drill line automatically drills all holes in beams and columns, marks where stiffener or connection plates are to be located, and engraves the mark number of the piece on the proper end. The Computer Controlled Angle Master cuts and punches all angles and plates in one operation, at a speed that will astound.

Peddinghaus 623 M Angle Master.

Peddinghaus BDL 760 Beam Line.

We at Shrum Steel, Inc. are committed to state of the art technology because it allows us to perform to our customers' expectations.